Why Are Contractors Insurance Vital?

In the construction business, general contractors operate as the traffic director on a project. With this responsibility comes some liabilities to help protect your business. General contractors need certain types of insurance policies which will protect them from accidents that can happen on the job.
As a general contractor, some of the insurance responsibilities of independent contractors fall under your control. Everyone knows it is hard to be everywhere all the time, so accidents do happen even if you are keeping a close eye on everything. Click here
You've toiled to grow your business to where it is and it would be bad if it all came crashing down because of an accident. With the rising costs of medical bills and the increasing number of lawsuits, it is important to have a contractor’s policy that can cover you completely.
Below are the two vital contractors’ insurance policies any general contractor should have.
General Contractor Liability Insurance
Liability insurance was designed to help pay for costs in case bodily injury or property damage happens to a third party. The insurance firm can only pay for the medical costs and all litigation costs associated with the claim.
General contractors’ liability insurance protects your company from:
Bodily Injury
Bodily injury is physical damage to someone that doesn't work for you. It can be a client that is on the job site, or it can be someone in the public if one of your employees causes an injury during company operations
Property Damage
Property damage works a lot like bodily injury except it is to someone's property instead of to themselves. As a general contractor you have electricians working for you, if they happen to cause a fire that damages the house you are working on plus the house next door, liability insurance will pay for the cost of the damage.
Personal Injury
Personal injury occurs from defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, false arrest, or wrongful eviction. It is anything that can damage someone's reputation. Learn more
Contractors Workers Compensation policy
The workers compensation policy system was designed to help both employees and employers. Workers compensation acts as a no-fault system, which means the fault of the accident is neither on the employee nor the employer. This is a great system to help claims move along and stop from frivolous claims.
Workers Compensation insurance will pay benefits to employees if they are injured on the job. This could include immediate injury or a long term illness got at work. The benefits that workers compensation pays for is medical benefits and wage benefits to employees. Know more
Regardless of the industry that you work in, it is important to have the right contractor’s insurance coverage to protect your company or yourself. Liability and workers compensation laws and regulations change frequently; it is important to team with a knowledgeable broker to make sure you are getting the right coverage. Visit site


The Importance of Having Property Insurance

There are different types of insurance one can avail for a lifetime. The most common and the one of the most expensive insurance is the Builders Insurance. The Builder insurance is a property type of insurance which is use for building of properties that has been damage under constructions. It mainly covers and protects the company’s properties such as materials, fixtures, and the equipment used .For more information about Builder Insurance, you may click here : or simply visit this site for further details.
Insurance companies offer a lot of compensation and coverage for builders or constructions. Buildings are risky especially if it is still under constructions. Some of the insurance policies are natural disasters, victims of casualties under constructions of properties, theft or even vandalism. Say for instance, the building under constructions was vandalized or someone broke in. These incidents can be covered by insurance because the owner or the contractor does not have any hold of these happenings or mishap. It is different with earthquakes, floods, and any other types of natural calamities, some may be considered, and some may not. It would depend on the damage a natural calamity has caused to the building or property.
In choosing the right builders insurance, a company or contractor must know their backgrounds, their being trustworthy and reliability when issuing the policies. Paying the insurance monthly with a sum of money from your projects is no joke. Therefore, they must make sure to get an insurance who they can count on in times of trouble and at the same time an insurance that can compensate them righteously in terms of unfortunate events. Always see to it that they have the license to present when discussing the legal matters and compensations. For more details about builders insurance, read more here or you may also visit this link

Factors To Determine Your Selection Choice of Homeowners Insurance

Buying a home of one's own is always a cherished dream for all. It might also be a great investment option for some. It being a financial asset is an added advantage. This is what makes choosing the right home insurance policy a big priority. A lot is still unknown about the homeowners insurance and so many are still observed hanging onto the same insurer, even after years.Visit site
Alike other insurance policies, the homeowners insurance coverage too needs annual review. The things that we purchase for our homes also add to the value of the personal property. Also, improvements or the renovation work adds to the structural property's value. The premium amount of the policy accordingly gets changed. Many have faced problems with their after disaster claims. It is quite unfortunate that many customers when they go online are unaware that natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. are listed as 'extra' and are supposed to be written separately from the policy and at an additional cost.
Choosing your home insurance policy
The first kind of homeowners insurance is the mono or the single policy. It contains only one kind of insurance coverage like liability insurance, for example. The second kind of policy is a multi-package policy, which offers a bunch of coverage options. Buying a package deal is advised rather than separate policies.Click here
What premium amount to opt for?
Opt for the premium that covers most of the damage loss. Make sure that the amount is not that big for you to find it hard to pay the premiums when you visit site in search of the insurance. Most homeowners insurance would ask you to get your house assessed by an expert home inspector before writing down a policy.
Policy Cancellations
The phrase "term period" is the duration during which the insurance company cannot renew or cancel a policy, unless justified by the law. In most cases, insurance policies get canceled only when the policy-holder fails to pay the premiums or submission of fraud claims. The other ways in which policy is bound to get canceled are crime convictions. This involves, making changes to the property leaving it uninsured or assisting creation of unsafe conditions that increases the risk.
How to choose 
The first step in availing of an insurance policy is to check for the insurer's legitimacy. If unaware of the insurer's credibility, request for a copy of their license number and certificate. Comparison shopping helps choose the best of the services available and online purchase is the most preferred these days. Prices need not be your only concern while buying homeowners insurance online. Services rendered are equally important. Quick response and fair deals are to be looked for. Go online to know more. 


A Separate Flood Insurance Can Offer Many Benefits to Home Owners

If you live in an area that is vulnerable to flood by any mean, then experts would always recommend you to have flood insurance for your home along with home insurance. Some people also have a misconception that their home insurance can cover all kind of damages including damage caused by flood. If you have an advance home insurance policy then it is possible, but if you have a basic home insurance policy, then it may not cove the damage caused by flood. To deal with the flood damage, experts always recommend you to have flood insurance policy as well.

When you will have this specific insurance policy, then you will get so many benefits that you may not get with the regular insurance for your home. If you are not aware about the benefits that you can get by this special insurance for flood, then you can go online and you can read more about these benefits from various sources. Some of you may also ask why you should take specific flood insurance along with your basic home insurance. When you will go online then you will find many useful resources for that as well and if you would read more about it, then you will surely get out of this dilemma as well. 

In case, you do not have time to go online then I can share few basic details with you. These benefits will include coverage for you building structure, your material, electrical instruments, electricity wiring and many other things that won’t get insurance cover in your basic policy. And when you will do some more research on the subject, then you will be able to get many more details for same. So, just read more about it and then take your decision in a wise manner to get better outcome with it.

Overview of Construction Insurance


Construction Insurance is the term used to refer to a particular type of insurance which reimburses any damage to a building or property while it’s under construction. Buildings under construction are susceptible to myriad risks including fire, high winds or vandalism. Prospective construction clients should seek out a top-notch insurance policy and should be implemented prior to when the construction activities begin. Its coverage usually ends when the property is close to being sold, or when there is a new occupant in the building or expiration of policy terms. You can click here to get a deeper definition of Construction Insurance.

Types of construction insurance

1. All risks insurance- as the name suggests, this type of insurance encompasses any physical damage to the property and site materials. The agreement usually entails the particular requirements including which specific risks are insured against and the average amount of insurance.

2. Professional indemnity insurance- this type insurance protects against any damage or losses incurred as a result of professional negligence. This involves a contract that details the consequences that will result from lack of sufficient skill, care and diligence when overseeing the design of a project.

3. Product liability insurance- this type of insurance indemnifies any damage incurred to property under construction or injury to an individual as a result of products manufactured or supplied by a business.

4. Public liability insurance- this insurance type covers any damage or injury that befalls an employee while working or any damage to a third party`s property. You can go online here, sigbcs.com, to get more insight on Public Liability Insurance.

5. Latent defects insurance- this can last up to a period of ten years from the initial construction of a designated property. This cover should be acquired in advance and protects the owner of the building against the cost incurred when repairing damage to a property due to a defect.


Purchase Builders Insurance Online

Builders insurance is something which every business owner has to consider as an integral part of their business. Not only will it protect you from liability when you are building a property, but it can shield you from liabilities which might ensue if a property you built was not to the level which the customer saw to be fit. Sometimes you simply can’t please a client no matter what you are willing to do for them; in these cases, having a solid insurance policy in place is going to protect you from the many lawsuits they might subject you to, if they are not happy with the quality of the work you have done for any reason. Or, if you were at fault, and you did not do something as it was stated in a contract, which did result in injury to a client, an employee, or anyone else, the right builders insurance policy is going to provide you with the protection you need as a business owner. NO matter what it is you would like to protect yourself from, having the right insurance policies in place is key to keeping yourself from having to pay in the event of certain lawsuits which may result from faulty work you did.

When you are looking for a builders insurance policy, visit this site in order to find rates, to compare insurers, compare the policy options, and to find the best rate for the insurance you do eventually choose to purchase. Like every other insurance policy, the only way to save on builders insurance premiums is to get quotes. Click here so you can begin the quote generating process, so you can compare the rates as well as coverage levels, and so you can eventually find the best rate for the premium of choice.

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Why You Should Consider Taking A Commercial Liability Cover

Commercial general liability insurance is abbreviated as CGL, and is a type of policy aimed at protecting a business from any financial loss that may be caused by being sued because of injuries, death or property damage caused by the service done by your business, your employees or your business operations. Some of the typical examples of CGL are trip, slip and fall coverage, this cover protects your organization against any possible lawsuits which may be filed by any victim of slip, fall and trip.

This insurance policy covers all the legal defense fees. It will also pay all the damages if the court finds you liable. The commercial liability is the most commonly sold policy, mainly because it can protect you from the impact of liability of the lawsuits.

The commercial general liability cost depends on the type of operations that your business covers. A typical example is a warehouse. In a warehouse the cost of insurance solely depends on its size.

Types of commercial general liability

The following is a list of commercial liabilities: bodily injury, advertising injury, property damage. If your business, service, or your employee or even anything which is associated with your company or business causes any physical harm to an individual or even damages their belongings or property, and if the court finds you liable, then you will be required to pay. The payment is known as ascomensatory damage.

Limitations of this type of coverage

Not all filed lawsuits will be paid. Before any payment is done, a proper investigation is conducted to confirm the authenticity of the lawsuit. The following are circumstance which will lead to non-payment of the lawsuit.

  • Courts apply against your employees or you a punitive claim
  • Judgment made which requires you to pay money as a punishment.
  • Where the damage or injury was caused by another person which was a result of intentional act.
  • Malicious prosecution slander

Construction Insurance Information

A clear understanding is required to protect your business and property from risks that may result at the construction sites. With our years of experience in working with construction companies, we aim to provide the best construction insurance packages that cover all sectors of construction. We cover on-site construction staff, business owners, construction equipments and many other policies. Click here for more details.

Any business connected directly or indirectly to construction, no matter the size, may shield themselves from the possible risks associated with construction.

Our main goal is to ensure that the construction site is safe and we therefore offer consultant services to address the risks and advise our customers on ways to keep the workplace safe, construction equipments, excavation safety and many more.

Our staff members are highly trained professionals who are very warm and friendly. They are dedicated to offer exclusive construction insurance advise, They are well trained to handle any complex risk and handle the claims procedure in a very prudent and dignified manner.

The following are our various types of construction insurance cover options:

  1. General Liability Insurance(GL).
    Provides protection against all financial liabilities and lawsuits that may result.for example accidents.
  2. Business Owner Policy.
    Protects construction business. covers them from loss of income,and also general liability insurance.
  3. Workers Compensation Policy.
    Protects construction workers. It covers medical bills and lost wages for an injured employee during work.
  4. Construction
    Covers all kinds of construction equipments including the crane
  5. Construction insurance for vehicle.
    Covers all the types of construction vehicles.

Click here for more details on the above policies.

We offer phone call services 24/7 and you contact us any time and we will handle all your inquiries. Click here fore our contact details or visit our website http:// www.jonesinusrance.com for more information.

How Does Health Insurance Work

Hey guys, one of the biggest questions to get asked is how exactly does health insurance work?  In this short video by eHealth on YouTube, they explain how it works.

So health insurance plays a big role in your life. Health care can get expensive, make sure you are covered!